Perfect Soccer Player

Cristiano Ronaldo has been in sensational form throughout the season for Manchester United, and goals and performances on the field have undoubtedly helped to provide Man United with another Premiership title after missing 3 years late.

United winger Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 17 goals this season from 31 appearances for club side Manchester United, and is currently in with a chance to finish the season as the Premiership online gambling pulse scorer. He is currently second in the top scoring chart for the Premiership, and only 2 goals behind Didier Drogba are leading the charts with only one match remaining 7meter .

Although this award can be one step too far for Cristiano Ronaldo, it’s probably one that he won’t object to missing. Cristiano Ronaldo is a winger and for the midfielder to score 17 goals in a season is an amazing performance. Cristiano won’t object to this award though; The England midfielder has won both the PFA youth player award of the year and the PFA player player of the year award, an achievement not matched since 1977 when Andy Gray also won both awards.

Cristiano Ronaldo is also seen as a bit of a sex symbol with many British women, with a lot of interest displayed in the personal lives of United media winger and fans. This can be noted from the search terms Google search engine used; Cristiano Ronaldo boyfriends, Cristiano Ronaldo wallpapers and Cristiano Ronaldo images are some of the most popular searches made. Young female fans all over the world will be heartbroken to hear that Cristiano Ronaldo does not currently have a girlfriend, actress and former Hollyoaks star Gemma Atkinson.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend and his personal awards this season are not the only positive for coming out of United’s winger season; speculation about his future have all been put to sleep because Ronaldo signed a new 5-year contract worth £ 120,000 a week. Ronaldo has been continually linked to interest from other top European sides, with Milan, Real Madrid and Barcelona all consistently being linked with big money offers for Cristiano Ronaldo.

Manchester United midfielder Cristiano Ronaldo has the opportunity to finish an extraordinary personal season by lifting the FA Cup when Man United meet Chelsea league runners-up in the final at the new Wembley stadium in May. Ronaldo already has a Premiership medal, a PFA youth player award, a PFA player award player, a 5-year contract with a Premier League champion worth £ 5 million and an amazing girlfriend boyfriend. He still won this extraordinary season by becoming prime scorer and by winning the FA Cup in the first major match at Wembley stadium. Life can’t get better for Cristiano Ronaldo.

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